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latter a case which had been previously operated upon

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two to many flowered rarely flowered usually perfect. Empty glumes

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that statistics cannot furnish us absolute guides since so many

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examination these facts were elicited. The Vertigo seemed to be of both

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dose is often necessary to gain the same result for a longer

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as the seat of radiant energy like a glowing or sounding body. In

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was endeavouring to aid her. She was left quite rigid

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the extent of the dulness is an important sign. Thus

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demonstrate the frontal sinuses and thereby find confirmatory

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vard School of Public Health presents a picture of the

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Presbytra. This is a disease which most commonly exists

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conclude that the myocardial changes are pronounced and that the

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filled with virulent bacteria. I brought the muscles to

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teen years he was deprived of the large salary which is

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undergo certain forms of cleavage the dorsal inuscle is subjected

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under consideration a plan by which such instruction may

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his life work he can have nearly every modern appliance

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tympanic operation and consequent danger of concussion. Di

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muscles it did not matter much what apparatus was used.

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sequence but these inconveniences Which after all are not very serious

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in Capricorn. Also it provokes urine the stopping of

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the oldest were two men of fifty six years both of whom recovered

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fibres impinge and are obliged to retrace their steps

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leaders in our pre medical classes. Through association and discussion

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requiring the use of spectacles can have them adjusted to the peculiarity

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tense and overfilled milk ducts into the relatively more flaccid

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IV. Dr Stewart then read NOTES OF case of poisoning from

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Patient Material Nine patients admitted to NIMH for psychiatric

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mately the size of a grapefruit which moved up and down

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dose. It has no power of self umltiplication with conse

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two of the three cases the patients were highly lymphatic though not tuberculous

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jaundice and ascites are not present until the liver has become very much

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type in the finishing of which however the dust is inhaled which

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Six weeks after the birth of this last child the mother

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neutralized than on alkaline media. Particularly characteristic is the

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A somewhat novel condition is given in the strength of the

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mitigate his offense by the obviously inadequate ex

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bowels and bladder are either passed involuntarily or retained. The

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cover from sight the weaknesses of our misguided parent waiting

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For special circular with full information and specimen pages address the publishers

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usually leads to abscess formation about the pharynx c

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author that the brain of the most healthy is sometimes softer

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had no oliject in concealing soiled articles brought them for

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also he displayed his wonderful capacity for that minute and exhaustive

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extremis on July or days after feeding the culture.

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the cardiac walls associated with a small granular kidney.

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