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neck. Prof. Peters makes no claims whatever to being a sculptor,

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of the broad ligament is thoroughly ligated at a distance of one inch or more

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a small amount of albumin is found with hyaline casts, etc.

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when a portion of the lungs has lost its expansile power, and

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tematic course, consisting of lectures, demonstrations

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lungs originally, but that from habits of life the now good pair of lungs weie

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tonics (among which are geranium and tinct. myrrh,) should be

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organism becomes invaded the functions are pervcrtetl. The reaction

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to point to similar pathological tendencies. Dr. Beverley

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treated with some success, but towards the end of 19 12 a patch

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found in connection with suppuration of the ear, cholesteatoma of the

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tants of the regions invaded. They resemble each other in the frequency

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operation of an emetic. The emetic must therefore be given in rela-

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been seventy days in making the voyage from Bremen to New York. In two

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neous destruction of it with the blow of a hammer, frequently produced

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Di due resezioni del ginocchio. Eivista, Geuova, 1884, iii,

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a peculiar dusky-red colour, the fauces will be perfectly open, and

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annual meeting expenses in 1974 by approximately $750.

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ful, or very much inflamed, and troublesome sores may be formed

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Physicians wishing to locate in Connecticut may call the office requesting opportunities in their specialty. Also,

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In Venetia and Emilia malaria exists in the provinces of Venice,

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result of the introduction of the stomach-tube. In fact

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f ^ iij ; ft. solut. et adde ; tinct. ferri chloridi,

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child having been actually strangled, and considering that all that the

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attending Anderson's College. A double loss was thus

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and bovine tuberculosis, but because in all the years prior no

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sufficiently strong and must be strengthened and the

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to spontaneous generation. This is clear. If I do not

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