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Phvsio-Medicai.ism. — A corresi)ondent asks for infor-

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Hon. Erastus Brooks, of New York, in the chair, and

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disease of the skin known as xeroderma pigmentosum,

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sile tumors of various sizes, which may be as large as the

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«c<i^ envelope.] A genus of glseogenous schizo-

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great." In this we agree with him perfectly; but how can

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The disease of the supra-renal capsules in certain cases of the so-called

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Symptoms. — The clinical manifestations indicate an acute inflam-

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The significance of the colon bacillus in the dairy water supph'

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junction to the skin, for it is very important," he

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notice that in both these cases only a few drops of blood

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may well regard their opinions highly. It is the view of this

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cases very circuitous course, are continuous with other fibres to form dark bordered

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of 14. Outdoor work as a laborer in cold weather does not cause attacks, pro-

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matter. No obstruction could be felt with the finger in the

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We have repeatedly said that there was no objection

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Disease may be warded off, or made comparatively harmless,

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had been observed also, that, about the last of December, she

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referrible to a derangement of the circulation in the

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accumulations of fat, but no obvious or recognized cause of

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entitled to receive the publications of the Association of the current

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symptoms. Oxysulph. antim., pulv. h. digital., aa., gr. ss., every two

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nine years, we have a notable proof that the epidemic class of

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letter accompanying this, pointing out whereby the Medical Council should not come

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toms are obscure. Anomalies of menstruation and signs of chronic

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hemiplegia, followed in four months by a second attack of left hemiplegia,

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into a chronic condition. The myocardium may become involved by an ex-

is etodolac a generic drug

Dr. John Warren was an advocate of very early operation for this defect, and

is naproxen sodium comparable to etodolac

I ' sing over the views of the older observers, including those of Wolff,

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