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Red Cross Society have been in consultation with local Universities and

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in the interpretation of sound waves, and many other interesting

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England such precautions are not taken, being rendered superfluous by

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3. ''Pathologic vs. Symptomatic Prescribing." M. W.

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( The Practice of Surgery ; a Manual. London : 1872.)

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idleness and want of exercise are very great enemies to the

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that the small ill-formed cells, known as microcytes and poikilocytes,

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in the bowels of a toxic agent capable of producing such mor-

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infective agent is the typhoid bacillus, a specific, particulate protein.

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to cut out, and will greatly increase tiie tendency to in-

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7 P.M. P. 95. Can talk this evening. The croton oil

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process being visible immediately below and external to it. There was

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Thus a family of eight or ten persons may live in comfort, cleanliness, and

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requirements that are not already met by the system.

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the stomach, two loops of silk were placed two inches

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fixed its present name— Pigmentary retinitis. To Leber, Brous-

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save others the trouble, and, above all, of the making

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usually participates in the contracture, particularly if

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the question, firstly, some arguments d priori : and secondly,

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writers that the character of the microorganisms, whether staphylococci or

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able courage to close a case which had free pus in it, but as yet we

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the average general resistance. The general result of this tendency to

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known ansasthetice, but also to discover others which might be exempt from the charge

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an internal strangulation. In some cases the disease has its origin,

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