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lem was at once to be solved by an exploratory lapa-

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committee. Another attack was made in the form of a mo-

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purpose the feathers were first removed, and the skin was then washed with

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it would require no great skill nor power to annoy him exceedingly ; and

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Cholesterine, formed in these situations, and absorbed by the blood, is

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ologist because diseases occur which are rare or do not

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nitely, but cease suddenly; headache from catching cold in the head, aa

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laid before the Society would be considered to present the more interest,

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any progressive movement, even with the assistance of crutch-

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the patient, having resulted in a chronic form of intestinal obstruc-

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degrees articulated dressings, and, lastly, methodical movement,

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should be opened with a fine asejitic knife, compresses moistened with

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Chittenden's conclusions as to the protein requirements of

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Merriman's father was the originator of the Kensington Dispensary.

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hours, or days. Many melancholic patients (while still preserv-

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excitement, this intellectual pleasure, is exalted into a principle, and

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should find a place amongst the works consulted by every

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natural home in impure water, and others like anthrax bacillus

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could be substituted for good citizenship, and it was

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should find a place amongst the works consulted by every

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canal habitually act imperfectly, not only will great benefit

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which it is my duty to teach in this College - physiology,

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habitually prolonged elimination period. The authors have

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duce all of those effects which have been referred to as

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has been found in cases of blackwater fever, I might

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for relief, as he lay with his head, the only part of the body that

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Of the malignant tumors in the lungs, lympho-sarcoma is among the most

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1664. This consists in an inflammation of all or any portion

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Course, Duration, Prognosis.— Cases of minor severity

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conclusions : — That fat is absorbed in large quantities from the in-

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ment — Human and animal bones — Sudden death — Priority of death — Presumption

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Antitoxin in large doses. The Antitoxin is thus carried directly into the circulation

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and had been confirmed by Dr. Thomas and Dr. Gillette.

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treatment of mental aberration is being carried into operation

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over bowels, with diarrhoea. Phi/sical Signs — Dulness under both clavicles,

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taking place usually in the cecum or sigmoid flexure.

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beoome covered by a layer of rough crisp epidermis, mingled with dried

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Different Species of Relapsing Fever parasites. —

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Gutting [cover with printed title] from: Edinb. M. J.,

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culosis should be kept in mind, and in taking the his-

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