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could not see how any drug introduced into the tissues was
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a filter-like function. The lymphatic should be regarded as a closed
dutasteride/tamsulosin in benign prostatic hyperplasia
In a country so young as this, it does not often come to pass that a busi-
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of fact, the correlation coefficient in married couples is of a
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ments (which are rather crude), made upon lungs re-
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an additional argument in favor of electrically influencing
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fairly well nourished young man, and at the first ex-
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and an appearance somewhat resembling that described by Sir E. Home is per-
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I have no doubt that spotted fever has been treated of under many dif-
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total nitrogen averaged about 13 grams per diem, the urea varied
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a detailed account will be given, and the other postpartum. The
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Playfair, M. D., LL. I)., V. R. C. P., Physician-Accoucheur to H. I. and
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plaster of paris jackets, coveriog a space of about
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of the flame may be made to coincide with the optical axis of the
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readily be seen that the epithelial lining of the whole tract is
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(ii.) A myopic eye with less than ID of myopia, in which the far point
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that have elapsed, and the patient can reasonably be pronounced cured.
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Dr. Kelly, in moving a vote of thinks to Dr. Taafe,
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tion, progressive purulent peritonitis — 3 cases, 3 re-
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Hurdle, S. W., Winston-Salem, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1914 1915 1916
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had been prescribed, took by mistake an ounce of the wine of the seeds, in
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in the liquid should be applied to the breast three or four times a-day, be-
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In the middle-aged and elderly. In older people the symptoms are
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he did not examine the body when he found it in the
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istered to patients by physicians because it contains
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Warnings: ceclor should be administered CAuriousiy to penicillin-
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rules and regulations, and are therefore, harder to control. Further-
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visions — Medical and Surgical, Sanitary, and Statistical — in the Sur-
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drugs on the body both in health and in disease, and the
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symmetrical to the speech-area in the left hemisphere are never
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may give or withhold it from the surgeon at his pleasure.
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be added in excess, which will dissolve the phosphate of lime and the
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tubercular meningitis, is one which is of frequent occurrence in young chil-

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