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20, 1884, 5/^ hours after discovery of the body, and

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advances and discoveries made in each department of medicine during

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he attends. Now if we multiply two thousand by ninety we

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intestines ; and so, according to them, was the whole mystery

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On making an incision through the abdominal walls in

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zymotic and communicable diseases ; for it is one thing to say

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No family history of any significance was elicited. A diag-

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coordinated Committee activities, under five Administrative Councils, expanded to six

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tlie lines of expression. The eyelids are swollen; the upper eyelid tends to

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tion in the Medical Sciences : — The University of Dublin

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Southern Medical Reports 409 Williams, Chas. C. C, death of. .. 128

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establish a proper regime for the organ itself. Here, obvi-

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la ta Hon of the eosophagus." The word Indicates ab-

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* Nastin preparations may be obtained from Messrs. A. & M.

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by the mouth, but by inimction of merciuial ointment, and by taking

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great number of vessels forming the Channel Fleet, from the re-

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into the bowel. There must also be remembered the specific infectious

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tions can be held anywhere in the usual way by sealed papers ; but the practical examinations

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logs, some of which have a higher germicidal value than pure phenol

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direct cause of shock and death is shown by the following protocol : 14

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the serum in six or seven weeks. The municipality of

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enlarge, but even where they are already hypertrophied he

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due to a mere " concomitant strabismus." Making the patient look at the

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her late perilous voyage. The inkstand bears the following

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The sacculated condition of the organ was established.

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