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serviceable subjection. In the oldest Egyptian paintings the horse

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We will only observe, further, that, while some of the Members

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are no growths, (gewachse,) but only deposits, (ablagerungen.)

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life. When the myocardium is involved, as occurs in chronic valvular and

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section, we are not here concerned, nor with the destruction by ulceration of a,

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places on the nasal mucous membrane where secretions

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if for instance it differ in Canada and New York, from the description

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production of cardiovascular disease that it was very

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Letitia M., aged 21, was suV>ject to fits, probably epileptic, in childhood.

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cular exertion, looking upon a bright light, etc. A patient may be exempt

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the Lunacy Commission, like the Charities Commission,

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